Internet is no longer known as the medium to connect with the world around you, virtually. However, it is more than what we used to believe it is back in the 2000s. Today internet has become the major source of entertainment either in terms of streaming movies or playing online games. Various internet service providers are providing internet plans that allow you to stream your favorite content without even adding cable TV service options such as CenturyLink Internet.

If you want to get maximum entertainment from your favorite TV shows, music, movies, and games, it is imperative to get the righteous set up in your home for entertainment. Just by improving your speaker system and visual displays you can customize your home entertainment experience. But don’t forget to be more specific for aspects that are crucial for you to have such as crystal-clear sound or picture, immersive sound quality, and others. Focusing on these areas you can easily create an outstanding setup as per your preferences. 

Just imagine how it may feel like to have an incredible entertainment setup at your home? It sounds amazing, isn’t it? If you are looking for the quick hacks to get the right setup to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports events, with the CenturyLink Internet Plans that you are looking for or already have, you have landed on the right blog. 

We added some important information in this blog that will assist you in creating the right setup to watch your favorite entertainment content at your home. So, keep scrolling this blog till the end and explore how you can enjoy more with your friends and family while playing games or watching your favorite movies at home.

What Is A Home Entertainment System?

First of all, you need to understand what a home entertainment system means. Because it is vital to know about it if you want to obtain desired outcomes from the efforts you are going to make in the future. 

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A home entertainment system is the combination of the audio and visual media that you consume. It includes music, movies, television, and games. In this blog, we will cover the audio and visual elements only however there are some accessories as well that will contribute to taking your overall entertainment experience to the next level. 

So, let’s start exploring the audio and visual elements without any further due.

The visuals


TV plays a very important role while creating an amazing entertainment setup at your home. So make sure to check the display, screen size, screen resolution, and refresh rate when you go for buying your TV set. Also, consider whether you want to go for a smart TV or not.  

Screen Resolution

Plenty of screen resolution options are out there ranging from HD (high-resolution definition) to 8KUHD (ultrahigh definition). If you want to go for a crystal clear picture quality resolution you need to go for more pixels and rows. We would advise you to go for the UHD versions however; both 8K and 4K provide amazing resolution. With 8K resolution, you will get an incredible resolution for huge size screens but the 4K resolution provides impression resolution on a different range of screen sizes. 

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate controls the blurriness on your TV so if you want to get rid of the blurriness of your TV go for the high refresh rate. If you go for a 4K TV you will get a 120 Hz refresh rate which shows that the image on your TV will get a refresh for the number of times/second (Hz). Moreover, for a smoother motion, you need to have a higher refresh rate which is considerable for movie buffs who love to have a clearer motion on the TV screen without any blur. So, if you are always not interested to bear blurriness then do count on it for setting up an incredible entertainment setup at your home. 

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The sound

The sound quality of movies, games, and videos you watch on your TV screen also matters a lot and affects significantly on overall entertainment experience. The Visual decides how the picture will look on your TV screen but the sound determines how the entertaining content may affect your ears or mind. Therefore, you should consider this element also while creating an up-to-the-mark entertainment setup at your home. 


Soundbars are the finest speaker system that takes minimal space than a surround or a speaker and receiver sound system. You can place it either in front of your home TV or can mount it on the wall. A soundbar is wide in size and therefore distributes sound equally on the left and right sides which creates a truly immersive experience. 

Various soundbars offer wireless connectivity that allows you to enjoy the best sound without struggling with a wired connection. You can also go for soundbars with a subwoofer that improves the bass in car and explosions scenes. 


Picking the righteous speaker is another imperative element that you need to broadly focus on while setting up your home entertainment system. You can also go for a customized soundscape to get your desired home entertainment setup. To customize your sound setup you can start with floor speakers that boost and deliver sound effects in bulk and helps in supplying stereo sound. 

Similarly, you can also augment Bookshelf speakers to get seamless sound quality and to distribute sound from the place you have kept in your ears. For Bookshelf speakers you can also use a subwoofer to increase the bass. Last but not least, use surround sound speakers to create a highly immersive experience. 

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The sensitivity of speakers determines the capacity of speakers to get loud with a particular range of wattage and it can measure in decibels. All you need to do is check the speaker sensitivity while picking up speakers to connect with your entertainment system at home. 

We have pinpointed some ranges of speaker sensitivity for you so you can easily pick the best range for you. 84 decibel refers to the poor sensitivity which means your speaker will not serve the purpose appropriately whereas 92 or above decibel means you are about have a highly immersive experience. So, go for it!

In a Nutshell

For all of us, our home is the place where we want to enjoy every moment with our family and friends. Therefore, we always strive to get almost every possible thing to make our life experiences better and memorable and the same goes for entertainment. Whether it is about watching any mega sports event, TV shows, reality shows, seasons, or movies we always have a dire desire to get a cinema-like experience at our home. 

Hopefully, the elements we have discussed above will help you to make the best out of your CenturyLink internet connection. However, if you want to explore more, visit BuyTVInternetPhone to explore a broad array of internet plans, packages or bundle offers available on CenturyLink and other internet service providers in the United States of America.

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