There are certainly abundant options available when it involves bride cake designs. From old-style white cakes to modern motifs, working with your baker to seek the right style to suit your wedding is achievable. And for those hoping to include a more abstract & artful touch to their wedding cake table, a buttercream-painted cakes could also be the perfect fit.

In addition, buttercream-painted cakes are impeccable for weddings that have an organic & natural feel or weddings with a romantic & soft theme. They’re also perfect for boho or relaxed weddings. After reading about the cakes below, cake order online now. Moreover, you can also go through our website and send cakes online to your loved ones.  

Buttercream painting is the technique of using buttercream, even if it is Swiss, Italian, or American, to make motifs on a cake. Piping tips & palette knives are typically used to match the design of oil painting. A painted buttercream cake is ideal for a few trying to find something colorful & touch different on their day.

Because the technique is highly versatile and can add an artful touch to only about any wedding, while a buttercream-painted wedding cake can display any design, florals are incredibly fashionable in this system. We often utilize our clients’ wedding flowers to create an ingenious painting that matches their aesthetic. Smith notes that nature-themed & landscape-themed painting is also popular.

Picking up a buttercream-painted cake will 100% allow you to display an inventive masterpiece at your wedding. Therefore the design is often achieved regardless of how small the cake is. There’s something about a few painted buttercream cakes that you would like to pause and admire. The variability of textures and colors you’ll achieve is stunning; therefore, the indisputable fact that it’s an edible art piece makes it even more appealing.

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Think of a buttercream-painted cake that will satisfy your wedding guests. Read on for 15 of our favorite & inspiring designs and avail of our online cake delivery services now in Hyderabad.

Pretty in Pink – Cakes

Get your dessert dressed in colored buttercream, just like the light pink icing on this Barr Mansion Cake. We dressed the sweet with vines of foliage.

Destination Delicious

“We were having such a lot of fun; we forgot to chop the cake,” this bride shared her carrot-coconut confection. It was topped with antique fabric, lime slices, greenery, and red hibiscus blooms. The couple enjoyed the buttercream-frosted dessert following their St. Barts wedding. 

A Classic Cake

This 4-tiered buttercream wedding dessert (Half Mahogany Cake, Half Lemon Cake) was made by us and is decorated with sugar cyclamens (planned to match the centerpieces).

Incorporate Plenty of Texture – Cakes

The texture on a cake adds a very romantic look, and this single-tier cake perfectly displays the aesthetic. Buttercream-painted blooms not only provide interest over this cake, but it is also finished with a shocking gold-flecked approach top.

Add Cherry Blossoms

Hello, spring! We cannot recover from the incredible description of this art piece. With a single square tier topped along with a tall round tier and many hand-painted blossoms, this contemporary cake will prove that cake decoration is truly an artist’s work.

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Make It Bright – Cakes

Truly want to form a press release together with your cake? Choose a bold & bright color of buttercream to function on the right canvas. We love the way these delightful florals pop against a sunny-hued backdrop.

Commission a Work of Art

Buttercream-painted cakes bring an inventive and unexpected element to the marriage. And that we could not agree more! This masterpiece is awe-inspiring for a romantic wedding with multi-colored buttercream paired with painted florals.

Match Your Color Palette – Cakes

A buttercream-painted cake does not need to be multiple tiers. It is often sweet & little, perfect for an intimate wedding. We love the thought of using multiple hues to decorate a confection, making an ideal match to a spring wedding color palette.

Showcase Spring Blooms

This single-tiered cake could also be dainty, but what its absence in size, it makes up for in personality. We love the approach this Monet-inspired sweet incorporates many abstract blooms for a gorgeous design.

Opt for Abstract – Cakes

Choosing an art-inspire design could also be the right fit for a whimsical wedding. We love the approach. This 2-tiered cake is spatter with buttercream, a uniform color palette, and stunning blooms to match.

Get Garden-Party Ready

Get ready to celebrate in a beautiful garden setting along with this design. Consistent with cake designers, this buttercream-painted technique may be a good way to feature a floral design without adding fresh florals or sugar flowers to a cake. This charming expression will flawlessly pull it off.

Keep It Airy & Light

A buttercream-painted cake does not need to be all about color — the color palette can positively be kept simple. We love the approach this cake combines intricate buttercream blossoms, with only a touch of sentimental gold & pale blue to round it out.

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Add Some Drama

The black background of this three-tiered masterpiece conveys the drama. But effortlessly paired with light florals during a beautiful palette, the general design of this cake exhibits nothing but femininity & romance.

Choose Pretty in Pink

While some cake designs use buttercream-painted florals rather than living blooms, this delightful sweet combines both concepts. The buttercream base is painted perfectly to match the peonies’ fluffy petals on top and you can also make cake delivery in Hyderabad.

Make It Mountain-Ready

A buttercream-painted cake does not need to be all about floral designs. This outdoor-inspired cake designed to simulate a wildflower view of Wyoming’s Grand Tetons shows that it’s a gorgeous technique for any wedding location or theme.

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